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Welcome To The Beautiful People Community!

♥ Rules ♥

1.) This is a rating community. You will be rated on personality, intelligence, and physical appearance.
2.) If you cannot handle being rejected, please do not join this community. Not everybody is going to like you.
3.) Please do not answer back to every comment that someone makes about you. If you get a no for an answer, please don't argue with the reasons, please just accept their answer.
4.) If you do get rejected, you may re-apply in one week, but if you get rejected again, you will be banned from the community.
5.) If you are banned on your first try, you will not be allowed to re-apply.
6.) PlEeZ dUn TyP lYkE dIzZ.
7.) There will be a theme of the month, which you can post pictures, or stories on, and there will also be a quote of the month.
8.) The more you promote, the more likely you will become a co-moderator.
9.) Do not talk back to the moderators or stamped members.
10.) Decisions are made by the majority vote. Just because a moderator or one of your friends says yes, does not mean that you are accepted.
11.) In the case of a tie, the moderators will make the final decision.
12.) You cannot post in the community, other than your application, unless you are a stamped member.
13.) Even if everyone says yes to you, you cannot post until you get an accepted stamp.
14.) Once you get accepted, please vote for as many people as you can, and please promote in as many places as you can.
15.) You can only promote one other community per month. If you are caught promoting more than one, you are automatically banned.
16.) Please keep the profanity to a minimum.
17.) No nudity pictures are allowed in the communit.
18.) If you are voting on someone, try to go easy on them, and don't totally downright insult them.
19.) Try not to use full names when you are talking about certain people/
20.) You must stay active, which means, you must post at least three times a month.
21.) If you are voting on someone, please put yes, no, or undecided in the subject line so it is easier for the moderators to tally up.
22.) If you are a moderator and you are making a post in the journal, please put moderator post in the subject line.
23.) If you are a moderator and you are voting on someone, please put moderator and then your decision (yes, no, or undecided).
24.) You cannot curse or use negative language when voting on someone.
25.) You must have pictures in your application.


I am still looking for two to three more moderators for the community. I am the only moderator as of now, but if you are interested in being a moderator, please put that at the bottom of your application.

If you make promotion/accepted/rejected banners for us, you will automatically be made a co-moderator of the community as well as one of our designers, so we encourage you to do that.

Please stay active and try to post at least once about the theme, or the quote of the week. I'll try to put a debate topic up, which is also known as a "feeling post" where people can talk about their experiences, and opinions on that topic.

There will be a list of accepted/rejected/banned members on this page. If you are rejected I will put next to your name how many days left you have to re-apply and if you don't do it in time you will be added to the banned list.

Please resize the pictures in your application so you look normal and not stretched out and so that we can judge you fairly. You will lose points if you don't resize.

All applications must be put under an LJ cut. You will not be accepted if it is not under a cut.

Your moderator(s) are...
Veronica = prettyin___punk
Meredith = beachbabie06


Name -
Age -
Sex -
Marital Status -
Sexual Orientation -
Location -
Birthdate -
Top Five Bands -
Top Five Movies -
Top Two Songs -
Favorite Actor -
Favorite Actress -
Piercings -
Tattoos -

How do you feel about...?
Gay Marriage -
Pre-marital Sex -
Smoking/Drugs -
Abortion -

What typical stereotype do you belong to? (Example - Punk, Prep, Goth, Etc.) -
Who is your role model? -
Have you ever been in love? -

Please promote in two other places and give proof. -

Please put no less than three, no more than five pictures of yourself here.

Mucho love,
Veronica ♥

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